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DfMS essentially focuses holistically on corporate branding. With focus on modular elements of branding, DfMS can provide individual elements such as logo design, web design and development for mobile and desktop devices, graphic design for presentations, design for print, design for web displays.

DfMS prides itself on the provision of 'e-media' solutions which serves the needs of its clients. With designs that are visually pleasing, clients can always expect a high quality. DfMS can come up with ideas that will suit your needs, however, clients are also welcomed to specify their design needs so they can have a hand in the design process; DfMS will simply bring it to life.

So either specific or custom designs, DfMS will provide relevant designs to the business needs of its clients.

DfMS offers the following services


The ideation process is carefully mapped and researched which means the image of your business will emerge appropriate and unique because a brand that works for you will be delivered.

The requisite time is taken to do background research of what your company stands for and aspires towards in order to deliver the appropriate logo. This would usually involve DfMS understanding your business, its backgrounds and origins and reasons for being.

web design and development,,

The web development approach DfMS uses are functional to your business which means you will enjoy an excellent smooth-running business even if your business is not primarily an online affair because DfMS will sit with you to understand your exact needs and nature of your business.

DfMS places extreme importance on current methodologies and standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium; more commonly known as The W3C School. To keep clients satisfied, DfMS ensures that current web standards and Accessibility Guidelines are adhered to and Cross Browser Compatibility issues are dealt with before deployment.

This also means your website will work on a range of devices; from desktop to mobile devices.

graphic design,,

To DfMS, Graphic Design is the core of what is possible. This is a professional discpline that focuses on visual communication and presentation with the strategical ability to send a desired message or give a particular image to any given entity.

In these modern, ever-changing and advanced times, it is irrefutable that Graphic Design is essential for any business that faces the public in any capacity or form; DfMS promises creative, practical and effective design solutions in print, web media and screen presentation.